Drapery Panels

Simple, Elegant, Cost Effective

Are you looking for just the right drapery panel to complete your room, but you’re having a hard time finding exactly what you need? We have your solution.

Our drapery panels come in a variety of colors and styles so you may choose exactly what you need for your room. Please see the photo (right) for an example of how the panels look. Notice, you have options on the type of pleats your panels will have at the top. The four options shown in the photo include:

  1. Standard pinch pleat
  2. Reverse Pleat
  3. Cartridge Pleat
  4. Euro Pleat

Fabrics and Colors

Panels come in a variety of colors and fabrics. To learn more about them, please contact us for your in-home consultation.


Note: The prices are per panel. For a pair of panels, double the price. Prices are good on select fabrics only. Contact us for more details.

  • Grommet Top $180 to $226 (Fabrics included: Target, Drop, Level, Landen, Fairmont, Chimera, Dupioni Silk)
  • Pleated $120 to $150 (Fabrics included: Target, Drop, Level, Landen, Insight, Fairmont)
  • Pleated Silk (Fabrics included: Dupioni, Perception ) $152 to 177
  • Pleated Faux Silk $110 (Fabric: Chimera)


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